Jury Mural
Jury Mural

Executive Summary

We have prepared an Executive Summary for those persons who generously volunteered to participate in the King County portion of our study. The summary provides information not only about jury service but also about political and community life in King County.

To all study participants:

Thank you again for participating in our 2004-2005 study on community life and public affairs. The study involved two populations— a random sample of King County voters and samples of persons reporting for jury service in a variety of counties across the United States. The study served several purposes, and this summary includes those results that my colleagues and I thought would interest you the most. We are continuing to refine and develop our findings, which will result in the publication of a book, tentatively titled Civic Awakening: What the Jury Teaches America.

We are still writing up the results from this survey. Your generous contribution of your time has made possible a wide range of analyses of these data, and as they become available, we will post these at this website. You may visit the website to learn more about our research, and you may sign up to receive our occasional newsletter (once or twice a year).

Thank you again for your generous assistance. This research would not have been possible without you.


John Gastil (Assoc. Prof., UW Dept of Communication), with Eugene P. Deess (Director of Institutional Research & Planning, New Jersey Institute of Technology), Phil Weiser (Assoc. Prof., U Colorado School of Law), Cynthia Simmons (3L, UW Law School), and the research team (Jay Leighter, Rachel Nez, and Tina Gall).

To read a copy of the Executive Summary, click here.